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In memory of Kevin Stewart

On 11 April 2012, a donation of £4485 was made to the Environmental Medicine Foundation.

The money was raised by: Julie Stewart, Alistair Stewart, Margaret Stewart, Yvonne Stewart, Karen Gibson, Gillian Moir, Dave Leighton and Alison Clark who all took part in the Baxters River Ness 10k Run, in Scotland, on 2 October 2011 in memory of Julie’s late husband, Kevin Stewart.

Julie wrote:

“Kevin once told me that when he recovered he wanted to do some fundraising and give someone else the opportunity to receive treatment at Breakspear. After he passed away, we knew we would do something to honour his memory and we wanted to carry out Kevin’s wishes. Deciding to do the 10K was easy; it was the taking part that was difficult. We had a great day, it was very emotional crossing the finish line for all those who had taken part but we knew Kevin would have been proud of us.”

Kevin’s case

Kevin Stewart first noticed a problem with his left leg back in 2006. After a lot of tests run by doctors and a lot of researching by Kevin to try and find out what was wrong with him, he was eventually diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND) by the NHS in 2008.

MND is a rare condition that affects the nerve cells in the brain, leading to muscle weakness and wasting. MND develops at different speeds in different people and affects individuals in various ways. The disease often begins gradually with fatigue, clumsiness and weakness and progresses to include excess saliva or difficulty swallowing, coughing, feeling of choking, breathing problems and depression. Currently there is no cure.

Receiving this diagnosis was absolutely devastating for Kevin, his family and all who knew him. However, he always felt there was something more to his condition. He suspected he was suffering from a collection of other conditions, however, after the diagnosis of MND, the NHS refused to investigate his other symptoms.

Kevin, his family and friends all tried desperately to search for help for him. Julie’s sister, Karen, then found the Breakspear Medical Group website and got in contact with Dr Christabelle Yeoh. Shortly thereafter, Kevin and Julie made their first trip from Aberdeen to Breakspear in October 2008, where Dr Yeoh diagnosed him with Lyme Disease and he began intensive treatment.

Julie recalled:

“Kevin loved attending Breakspear. He felt it was a place where he was understood, people took time to listen to him and he felt that the doctors were doing absolutely everything they could for him which was very important. He shared jokes with staff and patients and often teased some about football scores, as Kevin was a keen Tottenham supporter. He always had a smile for all the nurses and there was a special bond developed between him and Dr Yeoh, whom he affectionately called ‘Yo-Yo’.”

Kevin continued with treatment, however, due to the MND progressing, things became difficult for him in September 2010. He grew weaker and swallowing food became a problem. While Kevin wanted to return to Breakspear, he was too ill to travel and sadly he lost his brave fight on 8 April 2011.

Julie stated, “Kevin was always a positive person but we truly believe that Breakspear gave him the support and that vital boost that he needed…”





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